AFC West: San Diego Voters Reject Stadium Bill

Voters of San Diego County decidedly voted against Measure C, which would provide funding to build a new stadium for the San Diego Chargers.

In a decisive victory for those who opposed the funding of a new football stadium in San Diego, Measure C was voted on and voted against on Tuesday.

The referendum would have used hundreds of millions of tax dollars to fund the stadium, so now, the Chargers will be forced to consider alternative options.

Dean Spanos can decide to finance the stadium himself, but with a net worth of less than $1 billion, he’ll need some help. So this options seems unlikely.

The Chargers can look to a different city other an San Diego and Los Angeles, but with so much time and effort already spent trying to find a solution in either of these cities, it doesn’t seem likely that another city will be added to the mix.

Or, the most likely option, is to become a tenant of Stan Kroenke’s at their new project currently being being in Inglewood. Which, honestly, seems like the only option at this point. The Chargers have until January 15 to exercise that option.

If that is the course of action, that effectively takes L.A. off the table for Mark Davis and the Raiders.

However, it’s possible that the Chargers and Raiders could work out a deal and have neither team exercise their option to move to Los Angeles, and to have the NFL give them each more time to workout stadium deals.

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