Adrian Peterson undergoes surgery to repair adductor

Adrian Peterson rushed for 1,266 yards and 10 touchdowns last season.

Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson underwent surgery to repair his adductor muscle while also doing a compartmental release, the team announced on Thursday. Peterson had the operation done by Dr. William Meyers at the Vincera Institute in Philadelphia.

Peterson, who has undergone three offseason surgeries in as many seasons, dealt with lingering foot and groin injuries down the stretch of this past season. The 28-year-old running back is expected to make a full recovery in six weeks.

The wear and tear of a seven-year career has taken its toll on Peterson, but he was still able to amass more than 1,200 yards rushing and 10 touchdowns this past season.

While the team moved in a different direction with their coaching staff, their franchise running back is the centerpiece to the offense. Head coach Leslie Frazier was relieved of his duties earlier this month and replaced by longtime Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. Norv Turner is reportedly inching closer to a deal with the Vikings to be the team’s offensive coordinator, which could raise some eyebrows.

Turner is known to employ an offense that challenges the opposing team’€™s secondary. This past season in Cleveland, Turner dialed up 66 percent passing plays. Those numbers could be skewed, however, because the Browns were playing from behind in several games. Peterson’s workload shouldn’t diminish next season and a well-balanced threat of the run and the pass would only sustain his longevity in the NFL.

"Trust me, I’m watching. I’m watching to see exactly what we’re doing, just to see exactly what direction we’re headed in," Peterson told after the Zimmer announcement was made. "I’ve been keeping my eyes open with the head coach; I knew he was probably the guy they were going to go with. It wasn’t too much of a surprise. I’ve been watching for the coordinators — are they going to keep Bill Musgrave around or what direction they’re going to go with. With a new coach, that’s when things start happening, too, that’s all part of the process."

USA Today’€™s Tom Pelissero takes a look at what Peterson is due next season and beyond.

For a running back, who is inching near the dreaded 30-year-old mark, it will be interesting to see the team’€™s game plan regarding their All-Pro moving forward.