Adrian Peterson names three teams he wants to play for next season

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was on ESPN Thursday morning, and he was not afraid to express his thoughts about the future.

After missing most of a second season in the last three, and being due at total of $18 million this year, the Minnesota Vikings are very likely to move on from running back Adrian Peterson this offseason. He seems unlikely to accept a pay cut, and during an appearance on ESPN’s First Take Thursday morning Peterson suggested he wants to play five more seasons.

When the topic of his immediate future was brought up, Peterson suggested he wants to compete for a championship with a team that has a good defense, a good offensive scheme and a great coaching staff. Then, Peterson named three teams he felt fit that bill.

He lives in Houston, but they don’t have a need at running back with Lamar Miller in place. Additionally, the salary cap room to pay Peterson what he probably wants is a concern.

Tampa Bay came up as a possible destination a couple years ago, when Peterson’s agent donned a Buccaneers’ hat in a social media post. The Giants are interesting though, and the best possible fit for Peterson among the three teams he named, with a bad rushing attack in 2016 and the other winning ingredients in place.

At first blush, the Vikings fit two of Peterson’s three apparent criteria. The team’s offensive scheme is worthy of scrutiny, but alongside that is Peterson’s fit in it due to a lack of all-around skills. Pointing to having earned his upcoming $18 million comes off as incredibly naïve too, particularly for a soon-to-be 32-year old running back.

The Vikings would be foolish to consider bringing Peterson back at all, at any salary. The open market is sure to bring a reality check, as any lingering name value for Peterson and his recent results have not matched up.

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