Adoree’ Jackson has declared for the 2017 NFL Draft

Adoree’ Jackson of the USC Trojans has declared for 2017 NFL Draft!

Adoree’ Jackson will be forgoing his senior season and will be playing on one of 32 NFL teams.

Jackson and the Trojans started out 1-3, before going undefeated to reach the Rose Bowl at their home stadium.

Unfortunately, they were unable to reach the Pac-12 Championship because they did not receive help from other schools.

Also, they were possibly one game away from not only their conference championship.

They defeated Penn State, who should have been in the playoffs, but got ripped off by the committee.

The Committee chose Ohio State instead, the team that lost to Penn State. Penn State lost to the USC Trojans by a field goal.

Performances by players on both teams proved that each team should have earned a spot in the College Football Playoffs.

Adoree’ Jackson only had 1 catch for 24 yards in the Rose Bowl showing the strength of Penn States defense.

Yet, other Trojans stepped up and they were able to win by 3 points.

Adoree’ Jackson is a versatile player who plays everywhere on the field.

For example, he had one interception returned for 21 yards against the Irish.

Jackson, n their last game of the season, exploded in the teams win against Notre Dame University.

Not by making multiple catches, but by scoring multiple touchdowns.

He scored a defensive, offensive, and special teams touchdown earning him a hat trick of touchdowns against the Irish.

Adoree’ Jackson being limited in the Rose Bowl showed how good the USC Trojans as a team are, because other players stepped up to the plate, including their red-shirt sophomore quarterback throwing for 453 yards, 5 touchdowns, and 1 interception with a QBR rating of 80.1 percent.

Adoree’ Jackson had great performances in the peak of the Trojans wondrous season. He is a play maker and after slipping in their loss to Utah literally; he helped turn things around by making exciting plays.

Jackson reminds me of a Devin Hester or Jacoby Jones type of player.

His explosiveness is similar to theirs in that he is exciting to watch and makes plays.

Before he explodes in the NFL as a receiver, he will shine as a special teams specialist.

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