Accuracy haunts Ryan Fitzpatrick in loss to Chiefs

Even though he’s the quarterback of the New York Jets, we know he’s a Harvard grad, but more often than not, Ryan Fitzpatrick makes fans scratch their head.

The New York Jets had am embarrassing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs with the final score being 24-3. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s terrible performance has fueled another hot debate. Again, we got another huge dose of ill-advised interceptions. Sophomore cornerback Marcus Peters had a field day against Fitzpatrick with two interceptions.

Still, “Fitzmagic” likes to remind us of his alternate identity; “Fitztragic.” Too many passes were either overthrown or put in a position to be tipped right into the hands of defenders. It reminded us of the excessive risk-taking trait that Fitzpatrick has.

Unfortunately for the Jets, Fitzpatrick’s inaccuracy has doomed their offense to build any kind of consistent rhythm on a weekly basis. He often times throws into coverage and well, puts his receivers in tough positions to make receptions.

This is what fans have been dreading and saw it in full action against the Chiefs. The inconsistency from the Harvard graduate is what keeps them waiting ever so impatiently for him to finally get it together and stop forcing the football more times than not.

All three aspects of the game are under-performing

Offensively, it hasn’t been there.

It’s as if the Jets are still awaiting to board the plane to Kansas City.

Bilal Powell in a rarity coughed up the ball in Jet territory.

Special teams errors by Jalin Marshall continue.

Still, the defense’s inability to cover the tight end position have stung the Jets tremendously this season.

Not to mention, Eric Decker was a non-factor in this matchup. Brandon Marshall also needs to redeem himself after another key dropped pass that could’ve led to a Jets touchdown but again, not so much he can do as he deals with his knee injury. These have become too familiar with Marshall as he tries to do more than he can physically handle.

Of course, it all comes down to Fitzpatrick who brought everyone back to reality with his terrible six-interception performance against the Chiefs. They are putting themselves in the position to have a losing season at the rate they’re going. This is something Jet fans have unfortunately been accustomed to. When will fans have the chance to wake up from this reoccurring nightmare? We may never know.

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