Aaron Rodgers rips ‘idiot trolls’ who read into his grape soda choice

Aaron Rodgers, to those who thought he was taking a dig at the Vikings by drinking grape soda: 'It's absolutely ridiculous. It's comical.'

Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers’ postgame routine had people thinking he was a very sly man.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback went to the podium Sunday after his team’s win over the Minnesota Vikings and brought some grape soda with him. The brand: Grape Crush.

Rodgers’ postgame beverage choice quickly had folks thinking he was taking a dig at the purple-centric Vikings. However, Rodgers strongly denied that in his weekly radio interview Tuesday.

"Seven years. To all the idiot trolls out there, seven years," Rodgers said, via NFL.com. "PBJ and Grape or Orange Crush. It’s been grape for the last five. The first couple years, it was orange or grape. Seven years."

Packers beat reporters defended Rodgers in the immediate aftermath, and he continued to insist there’s nothing odd about him drinking the soda.

"Anybody who knows, any of the local media or anybody who’s seen me after a game, I’m always carrying that around with me," he added. "That’s probably the only soda that I ever drink –€” right after the game, when you’ve got to get those nutrients back with you. So that’s my post-game (snack) –€” PBJ and the Grape Crush. I do like it, contrary to anybody who thinks I was trolling anything. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s comical."

Kind of a bummer, considering that would have been some A-plus trolling. Although if the Packers beat the New England Patriots on Sunday and Rodgers comes to the podium with a Sam Adams beer in hand, it might be time to call him a liar.


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