Aaron Rodgers got in a bizarre late-night Twitter exchange with ‘Shooter McGavin’

Aaron Rodgers has had quite the offseason. He’s recently become single, he’s cut back on golf to focus on his body, and seems to have much more free time on his hands.

That was undeniably obvious on Wednesday night when he got into a Twitter spat with a fictional Shooter McGavin account after the character from “Happy Gilmore” called him out for cutting back on his golf game.

Rodgers didn’t back down, calling out McGavin for being unable to outrun the not-so-friendly giant, Mr. Larson.

Things got weird when Rodgers called out Shooter for hitting on Happy’s grandma.

It ended with Shooter inviting Rodgers to the ninth green at 9.

It looks to me like Rodgers might want to take up golf again to fill his time. Twitter spats with fictional characters at midnight is a bit unproductive, albeit hilarious.