Report: Aaron Hernandez’s lawyers want jury probe in Odin Lloyd case

Aaron Hernandez's legal team filed a motion on an alleged issue with one of the jurors in the Odin Lloyd case.

Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe via Getty Images

It has been nearly two months since Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of murdering Odin Lloyd and sentenced to life in prison, but the former New England Patriots tight end’s legal team is not yet willing to accept the verdict.

Ted Daniel of FOX25 in Boston reports that Hernandez’s lawyers recently submitted four new filings at the Bristol County Superior Court House in Fall River, Mass. — one of which involves an alleged issue with one of the jurors in the Lloyd case.

The jury probe filing was titled “Defense Motion for post verdict inquiry respecting a juror’s exposure to extraneous matters.” Hernandez’s lawyers asked for the documents to be sealed to the public, so the exact nature of the allegation is unknown.

FOX25 legal analyst Brad Bailey believes the filing indicates that the defense is trying to prove that a juror was exposed to outside information that may have affected his or her ability to be impartial.

“These are experienced lawyers, they know the rules, they know the hurdles they have to reach,” Bailey said. “Clearly there is something there or they wouldn’t be doing it.”

Hernandez, who recently got a neck tattoo that may show he is getting comfortable in prison, is also awaiting trial for a 2012 double murder in Boston. He has also been indicted on a witness intimidation charge for allegedly shooting a former friend in the face.

Even if Hernandez’s lawyers are somehow able to have the Lloyd murder case heard again, he has plenty more legal issues to worry about.

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