Aaron Hernandez lawyers intend call 3 witnesses, rest case

While making oral arguments before Judge Jeffrey Locke, defense attorney Ronald Sullivan, left, confers with legal intern Jeohn Favors Tuesday, April 4, 2017, during the trial of former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez in Suffolk Superior Court in Boston.  Hernandez is standing trial for the July 2012 killings of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, who he encountered in a Boston nightclub. The former NFL player is already serving a life sentence in the 2013 killing of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd.  (Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe via AP, Pool)

BOSTON (AP) Lawyers for former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez plan to rest their case in his double murder trial.

Attorney Jose Baez said in Suffolk County Superior Court in Boston on Tuesday his team intends to call three witnesses and potentially close its case on Wednesday.

The jury had the day off Tuesday. The prosecution and defense met with Judge Jeffrey Locke and discussed trial logistics. Closing arguments and jury deliberations could come soon as Thursday.

Hernandez has been charged in the June 2012 shooting deaths of two men. Prosecutors say Hernandez felt disrespected when one of the men bumped into him at a nightclub. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty.

Hernandez already is serving a life sentence without parole in the 2013 killing of a man who was dating his fiancee’s sister.