A win could be just what doctor ordered for Jets

New York Jets fans have seen agony all season. However, if they beat the New England Patriots, would it be medicine for the pain?

Through losses, poor play, a quarterback controversy, and all of the other agony fans of the New York Jets have had to go through this season, a win against the New England Patriots could be just what the doctor ordered.

Think about it, if they are able to set aside all of the hardship, and push past all of the adversity to beat New England, it might create enough momentum to carry this team throughout the rest of the season, and even through the offseason. It could show us fans that the team actually has enough talent and enough leadership to compete in this league.

This game truly is the biggest David and Goliath story of the season. It’s the pipsqueaks challenging the big, bad bullies in the schoolyard during recess. Basically, a win this week could be a tonic for the Jets ails this season.

Let’s face it, there has been nothing for us to cheer about this season, but a top pick in this year’s draft. However, if the team wins this, our pain will be eased for at least one more week. If anything else, we would at least be able to say, “Hey, we may not be that good this year, but we at least we beat the Pats.”

A win here may even be able to save head coach, Todd Bowles’ job. This season has caused a lot of fans to scream for a coaching change, but a win here may save him. It would show that he still has the ability to motivate his team against even the longest odds.

Then again, a win here could also mean nothing. It could be the biggest tease in the NFL this season. A slight moment of glory, only to be followed by five more losses. What do you think, fans? Would a win here keep your loyalty alive?

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