A Pick 6 of coaches on the hot seat

If the Indianapolis Colts blow the No. 1 pick in next year’s

draft with their astonishing end-of-season winning streak, owner

Jim Irsay has all the ammunition he needs to dismiss coach Jim


How dare he rally his troops to finish with a flourish and blow

a chance at drafting quarterback Andrew Luck, aka as the next John


It was bad enough Caldwell’s Colts ran out to a 0-13 mark and

all but clinched the No. 1 pick. The record alone was enough for

firing consideration. Now this: After a second straight win, the

Colts (2-13) allowed the Rams (2-12) and Vikings (2-12) into the

race to see who can lose their way to the top pick.

Will this turnaround help or hurt Caldwell’s job status? Only

Irsay knows for sure.

As if you hadn’t guessed by now, this week’s Pick Six is coaches

on the hot seat – Caldwell excluded (we think he’ll be back) as

well as already fired coaches Jack Del Rio, Tony Sparano and Todd


-Chan Gailey, Bills: Has any team come undone more than the

Bills? After a 5-2 start, it’s been all downhill for the boys from

Buffalo. A seven-game losing streak has them out of the playoffs

for the 12th straight season. On Saturday, Gailey’s guys get a look

at Tebow Time. Or will it be Gailey Time?

-Raheem Morris, Bucs: Yes! The Bucs have been as bad as the

Bills. After winning 10 games last season, Morris was being tagged

as a can’t-miss coach, about to lead his young team to the playoffs

in 2011 with QB Josh Freeman at the helm. A 4-2 start has been

wiped out by an eight-game losing streak and now Morris’ status is

in jeopardy.

-Steve Spagnuolo, Rams: Granted, there have been a bunch of

injuries, but so what? A defensive-minded coach has one of the

league’s weakest defenses (21st overall), and an offense (30th

overall) averaging all of 11.9 points per game under a

not-always-healthy quarterback Sam Bradford.

-Leslie Frazier, Vikings: Doesn’t it seem like after every loss,

Frazier says he’s not coaching well enough? OK. So why is he still

the coach? Is this season an audition? Donovan McNabb didn’t work.

Neither did anything else. And, star running back Adrian Peterson

got hurt in the process. Frazier is likely to get another year, but

this season seemed lost from the start.

-Andy Reid, Eagles: Even if Philly (6-8) makes the playoffs

(that’s how bad the NFC East is), it sure appears it’s time for a

new coach. Yes, Reid has led his team to nine playoff appearances,

six NFC East titles, five conference championship games and one

Super Bowl in his first 12 seasons. But his dream team was supposed

to be much better than this. It isn’t, and maybe this time the boo

birds might have it right.

– Norv Turner, Chargers: Don’t let this late-season surge fool

you. A rare quick start for the Chargers deteriorated into a

six-game losing streak followed by a three-game winning streak,

leaving San Diego a long shot to make the playoffs. A loss to the

Lions on Saturday could mean the end of Turner after five mostly

disappointing seasons.

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