A look at ticket prices for the upcoming season

As the New York Jets prepare for the upcoming regular season, it’s great to see they didn’t spike ticket prices for home games at MetLife Stadium due to their success of 2015.

If you haven’t had the chance to take in a game of the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium, it’s truly a sight to be a part of. From the most loyal fans of the NFL to a plethora of activities to take part in, the Jets really know how to take care of their fans at every home game.

Last season, the Jets surprised many by posting a 10-6 record and almost made an appearance in the NFL Playoffs. Of course, we all know how that ended but it’s interesting to see that the Jets in 2016, did not raise their prices of home games for the upcoming season based on last year.

As per Vivid Seats, the average price of a ticket to a Jets’ home game is just $159. Considering that the Jets will more than likely have a top-five defensive unit and have most of their offensive stars returning in 2016, it’s great to see owner Woody Johnson knows how to make games affordable to attend.

It’s no secret that the NFL is a business and teams make a ton of revenue at every home game. The truth of the matter is, despite a winning record last year, the Jets failed to make the postseason. It hurt considering the franchise records that were broken/matched yet nothing to show for it in the grand scheme of things. It shouldn’t have made the Jets raise prices and they didn’t which goes to show they do care about their fans and want them to be able to attend games at decent prices.

Of course, whenever the New England Patriots come to town, prices will undoubtedly go up (about $193 average per ticket).

This classic AFC East rivalry will also be televised nationally on Sunday Night Football.

There is no guarantee the Jets will even have similar success as the NFL have given them one brutal schedule.

Considering their first six games are against majority playoff-contending teams, this season could be disastrous right off the bat if things don’t go as envisioned.

The Jets know that establishing a nice home field advantage is key to winning these tough games. The better teams in the NFL use this as a main strategy to build momentum at home as it’s great to see that the Jets will continue selling out games all season long due to not having skyrocketing prices.

Overall, here’s to another memorable season. Having been to MetLife Stadium several times, it’s a beautiful home with great amenities and almost every time, you’ll meet a fellow Jets fan to share stories with all game long. Now that tickets are still affordable, it’s all about making even bigger memories and more friends in 2016 at home.

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