A Fullback Would Cure The Jacksonville Jaguar Rushing Attack

The Jacksonville Jaguars offense is one dimensional passing team.  The running game is nonexistent but adding a fullback would help.

Early in the fourth quarter, the Jacksonville Jaguars were on the Chicago Bears’ one yard line.  How would Jacksonville get into the end zone?  What personnel package would Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson employ to score?  Without a fullback, it is difficult to utilize the kickout block on a rushing end.

The Jaguars broke from the huddle and lined up in a power running formation.  Tyson Alualu lined up as the fullback behind quarterback Blake Bortles, who was under center.  Chris Ivory dotted the I formation as the tailback.

Alualu led Ivory into the end zone for the touchdown.  What a great play call by Olson!  Maybe its a sign of things to come.  Expect the Jaguars to tweak the playbook, add a fullback, or dump the zone blocking scheme because the running game is pathetic.

What Things Would Help The Jacksonville Running Game.

First, Jacksonville should tweak the playbook by adding power run formations.  Since the Jaguars run most plays from the shot gun and three receiver sets, adding unbalanced lines would help.  Even a three tight end bunch formation would be a different look.

Neal Sterling would be the ideal player to move into the fullback position.  Originally drafted as a wide receiver, Sterling has made the move to tight end.  At 6’3 and 240 lbs, he has the perfect skill set for a fullback.

Most of all, the Jaguars would do themselves a favor if they dumped the zone blocking scheme.  Probably the most argued point of contention of football purists.  Zone blocking versus man blocking scheme for running the ball.

Finesse rushing has been a total disaster for Jacksonville.  Power running is Jaguar football.  Jacksonville needs to run traps, counters, and sweeps.  Changing the blocking scheme is the answer to running game.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the talent to win the AFC South.  The Jaguars do not have the offense to make a deep run in the playoffs.  Jacksonville needs to fix the running game.

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