54-year-old Herschel Walker is seeking another MMA fight

Esther Lin/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Herschel Walker has spent his life competing. Football and track at Georgia, bobsledding at the Olympics, 12 years in the NFL, mixed martial arts after that.

He’s never stopped looking for competition, and he’s not stopping now at 54 years old. Walker said in an interview with Fox 2 in St. Louis that he intends to fight in MMA again.

"Oh yes, I do it for fun," he said. "I actually love this sport."

Walker has bee training in martial arts for a long time and got interested in trying it professionally after going to a Bellator training camp.

"Something people don’t know, when I was in college I’d play on Saturdays, go to church Sunday morning and then fought in Taekwondo tournaments Sunday afternoon," Walker said. "I’ve been doing Taekwondo for 40 years."

Walker has had two professional fights thus far, the most recent in 2011, and he won both by technical knockout. He’s still in incredible shape at 54, as he says he maintains his legendary workout routine of approximately 1,500 pushups and 3,000 situps a day.

At some point, it can’t be too good for Walker to keep taking punches, but he says he’s not concerned about the physical toll he could take compared to what he experience playing football.

"A lot of people think [MMA] is violent," he said. "I think football is more. MMA is under control."