49ers Tickets: Secondary Market Depressed, Fans Losing Money

Supply and demand run the economy, and San Francisco 49ers ticket prices too. Many fans who bought Personal Seat Licenses in the 49ers heyday are now suffering financial losses to remove themselves from being forced to suffer 49ers losses in person.

The San Francisco 49ers have lost a lot in the past few seasons. The 49ers fans sick of watching the Niners lose have had to lose even more.

When the 49ers moved into Levi’s Stadium a little over two years ago, the fanfare was insane. The 49ers were a successful franchise led by Jim Harbaugh. They had lost a heartbreaker in the NFC Championship the year before — the third straight season they had reached that game. Things looked good. And the 49ers charged as such.

Then came the Harbaugh-Baalke rift that threatened to tear the team apart. That it did, if only because CEO Jed York picked the wrong guy. Now, in their second season after Harbaugh, the 49ers aren’t staring at a potential Super Bowl birth, but rather a potential top draft pick.

Personal Seat Licenses, which must be purchased (but only once) in order to buy season tickets, have dropped on the secondary market. The San Francisco Chronicle tells one such story, that of Dr. Addison who sold his four PSL’s for less than half of what he originally paid for them.

That’s a huge loss for him, but at least he does not have to suffer watching the 49ers lose most weeks anymore.

This just goes to show the basic concept of supply and demand in action. The 49ers are not playing well, so fans don’t want to watch– and prices drop.

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