49ers Future: Steve Young high on Lynch-Shanahan combo

The Kyle Shanahan-John Lynch duo now (or soon to be) in charge of the San Francisco 49ers has inspired many head scratches, but also many praises. Steve Young is among the believers and is fully confident in the new era to come.

The San Francisco 49ers made a bold move in hiring an untested John Lynch as general manager alongside first-time head coach Kyle ShanahanSteve Young, for one, is a fan of the move.

The 49ers’ decision to go with youth shows a willingness to build again from the ground up — completely. The 49ers have been lost, if you will, for the past few years as they have attempted to patch and piece things together. It may take some time, but now the 49ers can build something new and fresh.

Steve Young seems to think so too. Young knows a thing or two about contention (he and Joe Montana did have an infamous QB battle in the late 1980s) as well as success.

In an interview with KNBR Young discussed the new hirings. While acknowledging that neither Lynch nor Shanahan has before held the job they will now take up, Young is optimistic about the duo’s future.

Young discussed how the 49ers had lost their roots and, with Lynch (whom Young dubs an “Honorary Niner”) coming to the Bay Area, Young believes the chances are more than good to re-establish a championship culture.

Young describes Lynch in glowing colors, for example as “one of the best guys I know” and as a “great human being.”

Moreover, Young’s remarks were quite favorable with regard to Lynch’s character, ability to communicate with others, and ability to lead.

Hopefully Steve Young is right and Lynch and Shanahan truly can usher in a new “era of enlightenment.”

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