49ers fans should — and must — give Lynch a chance

The San Francisco 49ers shockingly hired John Lynch out of nowhere on Sunday evening. Since then the debate over the hire has consumed media across the NFL, with most of the feedback being positive. Yes, 49ers fans should give John Lynch a chance as general manager. It is not like they have a choice, however.

The San Francisco 49ers began a new era this week with the hiring of John Lynch to be the new general manager. Kyle Shanahan will, almost certainly, join Lynch in Santa Clara on Monday.

While Lynch has never before had a personnel job, he is highly respected by media, coaches, and players alike. Respect may not win championships, but it is a promising start for Lynch’s nascent career, and a good reason for 49ers fans to give him a chance.

But whether the 49ers want to give him a chance or not doesn’t really matter. The Faithful must give him that. Lynch’s unheard of six-year contract guarantees he will be around for a while.

Shanahan is expected to receive an analogous six-year deal. After years of instability, this is a much-needed signal from the 49ers establishment that they are behind this new team and will do their best to support them. A new team is being built. A new order is being established. And Jed York is full-force behind it.

While that is promising, it is also a bit frightening. If Shanahan and Lynch fail — and Lynch is the one more people will be skeptical of — then they will fail big. The 49ers are not going to make a change for at least three years unless something shocking happens.

This is a good thing. John Lynch can do this, and even if he can’t at least the 49ers will be trying to build something — a lot different than filling pieces on a team that is falling apart.

Like it or not, we’ll be giving John Lynch a chance. Let’s hope it’s for the best.

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