49ers beginning to right their wrongs

The San Francisco 49ers have had a lot go wrong over the past three seasons, both on and off the field. Bad personnel decisions, both in the coaching staff and with players, have played a role. A big reason for the 49ers fall, however, has been a lack of trust in a franchise that leaks everything. That, finally, is being corrected.

The San Francisco 49ers have for years been known for their leaks. Jim Harbaugh faced them, as did Colin Kaepernick. While the 49ers top brass may not have admitted it — hence the term, “leak,” it was clear that this issue was one new GM John Lynch felt concerned about.

Hence, John Lynch requested that the 49ers keep his candidacy a secret. That they did — the news of his hire shocked everyone, even us at Niner Noise.

That the 49ers promised this — and followed through — is perhaps the most promising sign yet from Jed York and company that those at the peak of this organization are willing to do what it takes to return the franchise to greatness. The 49ers have suffered through a lot, and the last three years have been nothing but rumors, failures, and repeats in a vicious cycle. That, hopefully, is over.

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are coming to San Francisco in what seems to be a package deal. Their communication, at least with each other, should be open, honest, and respectful.

That in and of itself does not win football games, but it certainly beats battling for control over a roster right before the team falls to pieces.

San Francisco has a lot of work left before Jed York can truly re-establish trust with the fan base. His ability to keep Lynch’s candidacy a secret, however, does begin to build that trust within the building. Now York needs to stay out of the way and let Shanahan and Lynch build the next 49ers era.

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