2017 NFL Schedule: Sunday Night Football Games

Taking a look at every Sunday Night Football game on the 2017 NFL Schedule.

With the draft looming, fans had a reason to get excited one week away from it with the release of the 2017 NFL schedule on Thursday night. All 32 teams now know what road lies before them to either weather until the 2018 draft or for contenders to navigate to ready for a Super Bowl run. Of course, there are always plenty of eyes on the primetime games.

As has been the case in recent years, Sunday Night Football seems to be the winner among the three primetime slots in terms of quality of games. Of course, that has a lot to do with the fact that they went after the bigger names in the league. The Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots are featured heavily on Sunday nights in the 2017 NFL schedule.

Perhaps the most intriguing game of the entire slate isn’t the opener. Instead, it involves those Patriots in Week 7. They’ll welcome the Atlanta Falcons to town for a rematch of Super Bowl LI. Considering what happened in that game with the comeback/collapse, the rematch should have plenty of emotions flying high.

So what else can fans look forward to in primetime on Sundays? Here’s a look at the Sunday Night Football slate for the 2017 NFL schedule

Week 1 (Sept. 7, Thursday Kickoff Game): Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots
Week 1 (Sept. 10): New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys
Week 2 (Sept. 17): Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons
Week 3 (Sept. 24): Oakland Raiders at Washington Redskins
Week 4 (Oct. 1): Indianapolis Colts at Seattle Seahawks
Week 5 (Oct. 8): Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans
Week 6 (Oct. 15): New York Giants at Denver Broncos
Week 7 (Oct. 22): Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots
Week 8 (Oct. 29): Pittsburgh Steelers at Detroit Lions
Week 9 (Nov. 5): Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins
Week 10 (Nov. 12): New England Patriots at Denver Broncos
Week 11 (Nov. 19): Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys
Week 12 (Nov. 26): Green Bay Packers at Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 13 (Dec. 3): Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks
Week 14 (Dec. 10): Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 15 (Dec. 17): Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders
Week 16 (Dec. 23, Saturday): Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

Again, there are a lot of usual suspects prevalent throughout the Sunday Night Football slate. However, there are some exciting matchups that are made for primetime that you might not expect. Matchups like the Steelers taking on the Lions, Eagles facing the Seahawks and even the Giants going head-to-head with the Broncos are all enticing for fans. It’s a tough job, but the men in charge did a bang-up job with the 2017 NFL schedule as far as Sunday nights are concerned.

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