2017 NFL Mock Draft: Buffalo Bills trade up

A blockbuster trade that would give the Tennessee Titans a haul that would be impressive even for Jon Robinson.

NFL Mock Drafts are the best. They let you run simulations to figure out how to get the most out of your draft picks. It isn’t just writers that do this either, teams are on record saying that this is a great way to figure out what they expect to be looking at when it is time to make their pick.

Something that Fanspeak let’s you do is go into a draft selecting only for your team. If you have the premium version then it will even run simulations that give you computer generated trades for teams that need certain positions.

Well, when I was starting my simulation for this week’s mock draft the Buffalo Bills made an offer that was too good to pass up. They offered me their first three picks in exchange for 5th overall.

This isn’t all that unrealistic either. Terry Lambert mentioned here that the Bills are one of the teams that are rumored to be looking to trade up for a QB. With the New York Jets picking 6th, the Tennessee Titans are in prime position to charge someone a premium to get their quarterback ahead of a QB needy Jets team.

1st round, pick 10: Corey Davis WR, Western Michigan

There are two players in this draft that I would love to have in the first round: Marshon Lattimore and Corey Davis. One is the best cornerback in the draft and the other one is a dynamic WR who is the clear WR1.

Without going on a long rant, Davis is a 6’3 WR who has put up 940 receiving yards or more since his freshmen year and who has gotten better and better every year statistically and on film.

1st round, pick 18: Quincy Wilson CB, Florida

Some people think that Wilson is CB1. While I disagree, he is a long, physical CB who is smooth in man coverage which has become predominantly what the Tennessee Titans play. Whether the Tennessee Titans take a swing on a great CB or just a solid CB2, I think Wilson can step up and play whatever they need.

2nd round, pick 44: Adoree Jackson CB/S/KR/PR, USC

The board did not fall how I wanted it to here. I took Jackson because he is a freak athlete and while he has played cornerback at the college level I am one of the few who think that he would make a great free safety.

He is dynamic and reacts quickly to the ball in the air while also constantly erasing deep plays with his recovery speed. The move to safety should limit his footwork/technique  problems and Jon Robinson knows a thing or two about taking CBs early and turning them into safeties.

3rd round, pick 75: Evan Engram TE, Ole Miss

I love Engram as a 3rd round target if the Tennessee Titans don’t address this earlier or in free agency. Engram is a great route runner that is a willing blocker, which is enough for a TE2 in this scheme.

3rd round, pick 83: Dawuane Smoot EDGE, Illinois

(slight trade, Dallas offered me their 3rd round pick in exchange for the compensatory 3rd and a 4th so I took it)

Full disclosure, while I like Smoot I took him for two other reasons:

1. He is likely to be a force player, which is key for me in EDGE scouting.

2. Titans fans have desperately wanted to do that “oooooooo” noise when someone makes a big play, like when Luke Kuechly makes plays in Carolina. Smoot is the perfect name to do this and it not feel forced.

Honestly, Smoot is a speed demon of the edge and for a team that is desperate for that 3rd EDGE player to come in and be a DPR they couldn’t draw up a better guy that Smoot at this point in the draft.

3rd round, pick 90: Ryan Switzer WR, UNC

There are a lot of guys that get projected to the slot based on their size and speed, but Switzer is a guy who legitimately does all the things you want from that guy. He is quick out of breaks, he knows how to get YAC, he gets great depth on his routes in key situations, he can find holes in zones, he can be a deep threat etc.

With Corey Davis as WR1, Rishard Matthews becomes a great WR2. At this point in the draft, if you can get a player who can come in and make a big difference for your team while playing 20-40 snaps a game, you should do it and if Switzer is nothing more than a SWR he could do that.

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