2017 NFL Draft: Western Michigan Taylor Moton Scouting Report

Western Michigan’s Taylor Moton is a big-bodied offensive tackle prospect who has seen his draft stock rise since his solid Senior Bowl performance.

Taylor Moton is a thick and long offensive line prospect. His size and skill set makes him a fit at either right tackle or guard at the next level. The deciding factor on what position he plays at the next level will depend on whether or not the team that drafts him feels he can play in space.

For his size, Moton has solid movement skills flashing the ability to reach the edge. His kick slide features a strong plant leg that helps keep him balanced and in proper position. This balance gives him the ability to adjust to inside counter moves.

Moton did a solid job protecting the edge in college but could have some issues at the next level. He tends to be a little heavy footed which means he has to rely more on his size to prevent edge rushers from turning the corner.

It’s obvious that Moton is aware that he doesn’t have great foot speed which forces him to play with some sloppy technique. He has a tendency to bend at his waste, grab the outside shoulder of the rusher and get duck arms.

His run blocking is more in the mold of a zone-blocker which really doesn’t fit his build. Moton needs to do a better job exploding off the line of scrimmage, gaining inside hands and driving the defender off the ball.

I expect his run blocking will improve once he gets to the next level and away from Western Michigan’s offensive system. NFL coaches are going to work with Moton on playing a  more physical brand of football.

Overall, Moton has enough talent to play right tackle in the NFL. The issue is that he will likely top out as an average tackle, but with some tweaks could be an above average guard.

Current Draft Range: Late 3rd Round

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