2017 NFL Draft: Washington Kevin King Scouting Report

Washington’s Kevin King doesn’t get the same type of attention as his teammates in the secondary, but he has a lot of NFL potential in his own right.

Kevin King is a long and athletic cornerback prospect. His arm length helps him get an initial jam on the receiver, attack the football at its highest point and create pass breakups. King’s size is something that meets the current trend in the NFL for bigger cornerbacks.

For his length, he has good movement skills which include the ability to flip his hips. This fluid movement helps him keep in-phase with his target. However, smaller and shiftier receivers always tend to give longer cornerbacks some issues.

This issue does show up from time to time and also leads to King getting grabby. He needs to do a better job of not grabbing onto the receivers jersey if they start to get some separation.

King has experience playing on the outside, in the slot, in zone coverage and in man coverage. This type of versatility means he is capable of fitting just about any defensive system. However, he’s at his best in man coverage where he can use his size to his advantage.

He also works well in man coverage because of his ball skills and ability to track the football. King does a good job getting his head on the football and attacking it at its highest point. This helps him generate a lot of pass breakups and turnovers.

King is an aggressive player and doesn’t hesitate to support the run. He uses his quick burst to attack the ball carrier. His overall tackling could use some improvement as he tends to dive at the ball carrier’s legs. He needs to play with more balance and breakdown to avoid missing tackles.

Overall, King has the size and athleticism to be a No. 1 cornerback in the NFL.

Current Draft Range: Early 3rd Round

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