2017 NFL Draft scouting report: Mike Williams

It is officially NFL Draft season, and until the commissioner walks up to the podium (and for a few weeks after that) there will be plenty of people wanting to discuss the draft and the prospects that come out of it.

The Tennessee Titans have plenty of picks this year, including two first round picks and two third round picks, both of which should be the foundation of progress from a 9-7 team to a playoff team.

I have been covering the draft for the better part of a decade, and while that doesn’t make me the most experienced analyst on the internet I do like to think I know what I am talking about.

A staple of the NFL Draft is the scouting report, which (for me) gives an outline of five things:

1. What the player does well.

2. What the player doesn’t do well.

3. A summary of what the player does consistently in a paragraph or two.

4. What role I believe that player will have in the NFL.

5. Where that player should be valued.

These are my thoughts and you may disagree, I do my best to ignore the hype around players and have my thoughts in a vacuum so it may look completely different than someone else’s scouting report on a player.

That’s enough preamble, let’s get to my scouting report.

Mike Williams

WR, Clemson

6’4, 210 lb.

Games Watched: Auburn, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Ohio State.


-Great frame that doesn’t look frail despite his listed 6’4 height.

-Knows how to play physically on back shoulder throws.

-Blocking isn’t a prerequisite for a great wide receiver, but it is a bonus and it is something that Williams seems to be willing to do.

-Hit or miss vs press coverage, but at least he has seen it and he has made some plays.

-Lines up in different spots, not limited to one specific area/job.

-Can make plays in the intermediate area.

-Identifies blitzes and communicates with his QB on how he will fill that vacuum.


-Drops a lot of contested passes for someone as big as he is.

-Not sure if he has anything more than average burst in his routes. Looked like he was playing with cement in his shoes against Florida State.

-I don’t know of a big play he has made in 2016. Doesn’t seem to be a constant threat, down the field or to make a play with the ball in his hands.

-Really doesn’t get good separation anywhere without being physical, which may not fly in the NFL.


-I get a lot of comments on hating Williams, I don’t. He is a good college wide receiver, but I don’t think he should be anyone’s WR1. What does he do that is exceptional? Can he win in multiple ways? Does he have something that is rare or elite? I just don’t see it.

His upside is a bigger Anquan Boldin, which is great but that is his best-case scenario. Honestly, though I think he is a lot closer to a slower, smaller, less dynamic Devin Funchess.

What is he? Williams is a WR2 who can make plays as a 3rd down target and as a redzone player.

Grade: Late 2nd round-Early 3rd round

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