2017 NFL Draft scouting report: Jourdan Lewis

It is officially NFL Draft season, and until the commissioner walks up to the podium (and for a few weeks after that) there will be plenty of people wanting to discuss the draft and the prospects that come out of it.

The Tennessee Titans have plenty of picks this year, including two first round picks and two third round picks, both of which should be the foundation of progress from a 9-7 team to a playoff team.

I have been covering the draft for the better part of a decade, and while that doesn’t make me the most experienced analyst on the internet I do like to think I know what I am talking about. With everyone

Jourdan Lewis

CB, Michigan

5’10 175 lb.

Games Watched: Penn State, Rutgers, Wisconsin


-Doesn’t play as small as he is, and many think that is closer to 5’8 than 5’10.

-High points and attacks the ball well at the catch point. Elite production on passes deflected and/or intercepted.

-Very good speed, can play in trail technique with most receivers.

-Aggressive in the running game.

-Matchup guy that moves around. Not limited to one spot like the majority of college cornerbacks.


-Man he is small. Will be taken off the board by a lot of teams based on this alone, at least in the first two days of the draft.

-Will take chances and try to trail WRs too often instead of staying right in the hip pocket, which could lead to big, deep passes from accurate QBs.


-I really like Lewis, in fact he may be the most fun CB to watch in this class. He is tenacious, smart, athletic, versatile, and steps up in big moments. He reminds me so much of Tyrann Mathieu. If he wasn’t so short he would be a top 5-10 pick in this draft.

What is he? Lewis is a slot corner that can travel with anyone. His size limits him on the outside, but his speed and ball skills make him a great fit to start at SCB for just about every team in the NFL.

Grade: Late 1st-2

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