2017 NFL draft rankings: Top 10 players by position

The draft process for 2017 began months ago, almost before the 2016 event wrapped. There still is a long road ahead: the remainder of both the college and pro seasons, bowl games, the Senior Bowl and other postseason all-star events, the combine …

In other words, settle in.

Over the summer we compiled a watch list of between 300 and 400 players who could be on the ’17 draft radar. Since then, we’ve added names when any potential prospects arrive a bit out of nowhere. The first crack at positional rankings for the 2017 draft class will help lay the foundation for our coverage to come.

Little that you see here is set in stone, save for perhaps Myles Garrett and Jonathan Allen’s place atop their respective position groups. There's still much to learn about who will headline the 2017 class and where they will be as prospects five and a half months from now.

As of mid-November, this is how it all stands.

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