2017 NFL Draft: Oklahoma DeDe Westbrook Scouting Report

Oklahoma’s DeDe Westbrook is a playmaking wide receiver prospect who continues to put up big numbers.

DeDe Westbrook is a highly productive wide receiver who has a knack for making game changing plays. He’s capable of doing damage deep down field, across the middle and in the screen game. Westbrook is also someone who put points on the board as a return man.

He uses his quick-twitch ability to gain separation and provide the quarterback with an open target. Westbrook is a very smooth and balanced athlete which allows him to run crisp routes. It also helps him adjust his body to pull down poorly thrown passes.

He can make plays in contested situations because of his solid length, strong hands and aggressiveness. Westbrook just has a feel for getting himself in position to make a play on the ball.

Oklahoma likes to get the ball into Westbrook’s hands and let him create. He has the quickness and elusiveness to turn a short pass into a big gain. His overall speed also makes him a deep threat with the ability to get behind the defense.

Westbrook makes life tough on opposing defenders with his route deception and awareness. He knows how to change speeds in order to keep the defensive back guessing.

While he’s gives effort as a blocker, Westbrook could stand to add some bulk and strength. The added bulk would also help him fight through contact in contested situations. His lack of weight is also something that tends to bring durability questions.

Overall, Westbrook is a playmaker with the physical attributes to succeed in the NFL. He’s someone who is likely to spend the majority of his time working out of the slot. However, his skill set could make him one of the more productive slot receivers in the NFL.

Current Draft Position: 2nd Round

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