2017 NFL Draft: Boise State Jeremy McNichols Scouting Report

Boise State’s Jeremy McNichols is a shorter running back prospect who doesn’t standout as someone capable of being a difference maker in the NFL.

Jeremy McNichols is built low to the ground with a stout frame. He’s someone who tends to work downhill and can bounce off a few tackles. However, he lacks the overall strength to consistently break tackles.

McNichols is a 1-speed runner who doesn’t have the 2nd gear needed to break off long runs. He also lacks the explosiveness to press the line and get through quickly closing holes. This is someone who needs a strong offensive line in front of him to find success.

The one area where he shows promise is as a pass catcher. He does a good job finding the open holes in the defense and features reliable hands. Boise State trusts him as a route runner and has often split him outside or in the slot.

McNichols shows the ability to several different routes including comebacks, slants and drags across the middle. He has even flashed the ability to attack the seam and outrun linebackers/safeties.

His ability to contribute in the passing game is hindered by his struggles as a pass protector. McNichols doesn’t attack the rusher with authority and fails to use his hands. He tends to dive at the defenders legs or throw his shoulder.

This results in missed blocks or with McNichols being driven back into the face of the quarterback.

Overall, it’s hard to see where McNichols fits at the next level. He lacks the elite quickness or burst needed to consistently move the chains.

Current Draft Range: 6th Round

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