Cowboys LB Ware making progress

Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware has made substantial

progress and could play Saturday night in New Orleans, less than a

week after a scary hit that left him sprawled on the field with a

strained neck.

Ware didn’t practice Wednesday, but attended meetings, went

through a walkthrough session and even worked out.

Coach Wade Phillips said everything looked good for Ware on

the X-rays and other exams the three-time Pro Bowl linebacker went

through to see if the swelling had gone down, and to make sure

there were no lingering problems.

“I don’t think structurally there’s a lot of big problems.

He’s still got a sore neck. How sore he is I think is more of a key

than any structural problem,” Phillips said. “He’s almost got full

range of motion and he hasn’t lost any strength in his neck ….

It’s a good sign for us.”

Earlier Wednesday, outside the locker room when it was open

to reporters, Ware was smiling and said he felt good.

“It’s going good. I’m about to go work out right now,” Ware

said. “I’m just taking it day by day.”

Ware has said he wants to play Saturday night against

undefeated New Orleans, which has the NFL’s best offense. Ware has

never missed a game, starting all 77 since he was the 11th overall

pick in 2005.

“His attitude is real good. He wants to play, you know that,”

Phillips said. “I don’t think he feels bad, I don’t think he’s

feeling like he’s hurt right now. That’s why we’re optimistic.”

Phillips still described Ware as day to day as far being

completely cleared and said the team “would be cautious, too.”

Ware hurt his neck Sunday when he slammed headfirst into a

San Diego lineman in the Cowboys’ loss to the Chargers. Ware was

taken off the field on a stretcher and hospitalized briefly before

being released that night.

The Cowboys have an abbreviated practice Thursday, which will

be like their regular Friday because it is a short week of


Phillips said Ware could still play against the Saints even

if he doesn’t practice.

“I’m not going to punish him, or the team, if he doesn’t

practice,” Phillips said.

The coach also said Ware likely won’t be limited if he does


“You could limit his snaps some, but again, he’s in good

shape,” Phillips said. “If he’s well, I think he could be well

enough to play a lot of plays. If he’s not, he won’t.”