NFL Week 7 Awards: Nothing like a double-dose of punishment (VIDEO)

Any given Sunday.

It’s a well-worn phrase, but for good reason. Week 7 of the 2014 NFL season brought another truckload of memorable plays, big-time hits and some serious comedy. So, in the interest of time, let’s not waste any chit-chatting. It’s time to hand out some hardware.

1. Picking on the Little Guy Award: Indianapolis Colts

Bengals running back Giovani Bernard isn’t a big man, but he’s strong and definitely tough. But even strength and toughness have their limits and on Sunday, Bernard got whacked. Hard. First, it was Vontae Davis bringing down some punishment:

And if that wasn’t enough, safety Mike Adam came through with another hellacious hit:

2. It’s Not Me! Award: Jameel McClain, Giants

One of my favorite things during an NFL game is watching quarterbacks identify the defense’s middle linebacker, or "mike," before the snap. We’ve all heard it before. "57’s the mike!" or "64 is the mike!" Dallas’ Tony Romo thought he had found the mike before a first-half snap, but McClain begged to differ. In fact, you can hear him disagree with Romo on this video:

3. Putting a Teammate on Blast Award: Chris Long, Rams

Now, the talented defensive end is still out with an injury, but he was there to watch his team knock off the Seahawks in thrilling fashion. His teammate, and starting linebacker, James Laurinaitis was happy and took to social media to share his evening plans with the world. And there was Long to rain on James’ parade.

4. Creeper McCreeperstein Award: This guy at the Redskins game

First, we had a Panthers’ ballboy snapping a cell phone pic of a cheerleader last week. Now, it appears the trend has spread to our nation’s capital:

5. Proper Response From a Franchise Quarterback: Russell Wilson, Seahawks

Hey, Russell Wilson! You just threw for more than 300 yards and ran another 100 yards! What do you think about your impressive performance?

Damn right. Good answer.

6. Failure to Throw a Flag Like a Cool Guy: Referee at Panthers-Packers game

Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly got himself ejected on Sunday for making contact with a referee. It really wasn’t his fault as he more than likely confused the man grabbing him from behind with another player. But nonetheless, the decision was made and the zebra reached to his belt to grab his flag. Now, it seems he wanted to launch his laundry into the sky with a flick of the wrist. Something with real panache. However, the flag got stuck and instead, we got this weak sauce effort:

Good, I’m glad your sassy flag throw didn’t work out as planned.

7. Whiff Award for Week 7: Redskins D

Charlie Whitehurst drops back … he finds Kendall Wright over the middle!

Wright somehow makes three defenders who were practically standing on top of him come up with nothing but air! Touchdown, Titans! Seriously, how in God’s name did that happen?

8.  Best Impression of a Helmet Decal: Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins

The quarterback was solid in Week 7 as he led his team to an impressive win in Chicago. But it was this fall that stood out:

Nice dolphin pose!

9. Obligatory Mashup of Tannehill and Dolphins Logo Award

Come on, you had to figure this was coming:

Good times, good times.

10. THE JAGUARS WON A GAME AWARD!!!: Gus Bradley, Jaguars

All hail! The Jaguars are no longer winless! That calls for a dance party!

Go, Gus! Go, Gus! It’s your birthday! (Well …. not really)

11. Burt Reynolds Awards for Excellence in Scents: Ron Jaworski

You know how I know that Ron Jaworski is a great man? Check this out:

I knew it. I just … knew it. Just because the former QB great spends most of his day breaking down tape, don’t think he doesn’t take a minute to smell amazing.

12. Best Attempt to Start a Thing: Andy Nesbitt,

There’s nothing better than Kyle Orton. And magic. And the Bills. All three converged for a magical ending in Orchard Park as Orton unleashed his magic and led the Bills to victory!

That being said, Twitter, you screwed up.

13. Tip it Good Award: Antonio Gates, Chargers

Technically, the tight end — and future Hall of Famer — didn’t tip the ball, but he did stay with the play and bring down this touchdown catch after the defender tipped it.

That’s greatness, folks.

14. Bridge Troll Award for Week 7: Darnell Dockett, Cardinals

Nobody knows how to stir the pot like the talented defensive tackle. Although he’s currently cooling his jets with an injury, Dockett made the trip with his team to Oakland. And of course, made sure to have some fun with the Raiders fans.

It would be mean if it wasn’t true.

15. It’s Getting Ugly Fast Award: Cam Newton, Panthers

Newton should be credited for managing to get his team this far. However, Sunday’s game in Green Bay was an embarrassment. And all Cam could do was this:

The score just got worse after that. On to next week!

16. Spelling Out Cincy’s Ineptitude Award: Chuck Pagano, Colts

The head coach had a great time watching his team dismantle the Bengals at home on Sunday and he presented his defense with a game ball. Why? Well, let him explain it:

That’s straight domination.

17. Laundry Detergent Award: Randall Cobb, Packers

Mr. Cobb got into the end zone for one of many touchdowns Green Bay scored against Carolina. But, what he didn’t plan on was getting doused:

Great. Ketchup stains. That stuff smells and really ruins a shirt.

18. Best Way To Mess With a Legend After a Milestone: Denver Broncos


Coach Pagano gives the Defense a game ball…listen why #cinvsind

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Congratulations to Peyton Manning, who surpassed Brett Favre to capture the record for career passing touchdowns! After the great one completed that fateful pass to Demaryius Thomas in the second quarter, his Broncos teammates decided to have a little fun.

Mainly, by playing keep away with the prized game ball: