Carrie Underwood gets ‘Sunday Night Football’ gig. What does this mean for Romo?

Carrie Underwood took the nation by storm in 2005, winning American Idol on FOX. Eight years later, she will get more national recognition on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.” On Tuesday, the network announced she will be the voice who sings “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.”

Underwood, a six-time Grammy Award winner, replaces Faith Hill, who decided in March that she would be hanging up her microphone after six seasons.

Underwood will debut her opening theme song on Sept. 8 when the Cowboys host the Giants. Uh oh. You mean someone scheduled a Tony Romo-Carrie Underwood reunion on primetime television? Just what he needs. Romo is already feeling the pressure of his six-year, $108 million contract extension.

Since signing the deal, Jerry Jones has said that he wants Romo to put “Peyton Manning-type time” into his job this offseason. Romo has already put the golf clubs aside and now he has to worry about this? Well, it should be noted that Underwood probably won’t, ya know, actually BE in Dallas on opening night. But the jumbotron operator better not play Underwood’s song-and-dance before the kickoff.

Let’s face it: The last thing he needs is another distraction.