Twas The Night Before Christmas (NFL Week 16 Review Edition)

2 Truths and a Lie will return next week but some holiday spirit was infused into this week’s NFL review. Enjoy this 2012 NFL week 16 version of the Clement Clarke Moore classic, “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Twas Week 16 Before Christmas

Twas week sixteen before Christmas and all through the league,

Fan bases got anxious for the 1 or 2 seeds.

Ugly numbers were hung on opponents with care

In hopes that Lombardi soon would be there.


The Packers have made it and now sit in their bed

While visions of Discount Double Checks dance through their heads.

The Seahawks start Wilson and the ‘9ers ride Kaep,

As the Steelers and Jets settle in for a long winter’s nap.


When out in Detroit there arouse such a clatter

Megatron broke the Rice record with his lead getting fatter.

When holding the ball he runs like The Flash,

While the rest of their offense ends up in the trash.


Pats, Broncos, and Texans atop, watch the teams down below,

To see the second second chance for Vick come on the hand of Nick Foles.

When, what to the struggling Bears should appear?

A cakewalk in Glendale, where simple completions brings cheers.


Now Dallas! Now Giants! Playoff hopes need some fixin’

On Falcons! On Broncos! Super Bowl betters put picks in.

To the top of the head protected are those with the ball,

Safeties dash away! Dash away! Or fines come for all.


Cincinnati and Seahawks will be in the first round,

While playoffs most recent have left empty those towns.

The Ravens of Baltimore head to the playoffs as well

With over 500 yards on the plays called by Jim Caldwell.


Two Hundred and eight, Peterson needs for the record

In the MVP race, his flag should be checkered.

While J.J. Watt effects games his impact unmeasured

His name and the sack record soon could be tethered.


A first in our time, 3 rookie Qbs may make playoffs

Washington trading their draft picks had some kind of payoff.

Enter Young McElroy, he jumped Tebow to start,

But with 11 times sacked, he may leave in a cart.


He came back to his team, who gave back his whistle

His exit had shocked us like the blast from a missile.

As is the glory of sport, Chuck Pagano was right,

Give thanks here on Christmas, his team helped him fight!



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