Training camp is getting a little cramped for two Saints players

Wide receiver Andy Tanner and fullback Austin Johnson are two mild-mannered football players just trying to get through training camp with the New Orleans Saints.

Ahh, training camp. Where teams gather and are usually forced to stay in a hotel or some college dorm for a couple weeks. It’s important for team bonding and it makes sure the players aren’t wandering off somewhere. Any salty NFL veteran will tell you that sharing rooms comes with the territory.

Every player can expect to have a roommate. But things are getting weird in Saints camp. Check this out:

That’s right. Not only are Tanner and Johnson sharing a room, but due to some snafu, they’re being forced to share the same bed. That’s messed up. Let’s hope it’s at least a king size.

Also, the cramped quarters might be causing some fog to gather in their brains: