Tony Romo had a very Tony Romo first half against the 49ers

On the bright side, it seems like Tony Romo’s back is fine.

The bad news? He might want to get his eyes checked.

Romo and the Cowboys had a very Dallas first half Sunday, which included four turnovers and a lot of head scratching as the San Francisco 49ers pounced on their arch rivals.

On the second play of the game — the first was a false start by the Dallas offensive line — Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray fumbled and 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver returned it 35 yards for a touchdown.

Then, the Romo show got going.

Here is Romo’s first interception (notice that it got wide receiver Dez Bryant blown up).

That led to a 49ers touchdown to make it 21-3. Romo’s second interception was another no-no — a turnover in the red zone.

In the first half, Romo was 10 of 14 for 99 yards and three interceptions. Welcome back, Tony!


The second half was better, mainly in that he didn’t throw any additional interceptions. He went 13 for 23 for 182 yards and a touchdown. The 49ers won 28-17.