This may be the best Jay Cutler jersey ever

One Green Bay Packers fan made the drive from Milwaukee to Chicago to watch his team play on Sunday, and he brought possibly the best taunting jersey we’ve ever seen.

Packers fan Sean Pliss replaced “Cutler” with “pick” on the back of his Bears jersey, creatively weaving in Cutler’s No. 6, while poking fun at the Chicago quarterback’s penchant for throwing interceptions returned for touchdowns.

The awesome jersey turned out to be omniscient; Cutler was intercepted in Bears territory late in the second quarter, leading to a touchdown that put the Packers ahead 14-7 before halftime.

The interception was the 100th of Cutler’s career, which is pretty ridiculous considering he’s only played 91 games. Cutler led the league in picks with 26 in 2009. Pliss is in the lead for best jersey of the year.

Photo via Sean Pliss/Twitter

H/T Darren Rovell

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