That Moment When Jim Harbaugh Was On “Saved By The Bell: The New Class” [WATCH]

How good is your knowledge of “Saved By The Bell: The New Class”? No, I hadn’t ever heard of it either until today. It seems a young quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, a fellow named Jim Harbaugh, made an appearance on the show as Screech’s cousin, there to console a young man who celebrated a touchdown before crossing the goal line, possibly a young Leon Lett.

Yes, Screech survived every incarnation of the show. I’m pretty sure Mr. Belding was on this one, too, but way before he ate himself to death.

Ol’ Jimmy even gives Screech a hearty slap on the back. Who knew he had perfected the back slap at such a young age? I wonder if Jim Schwartz is available for a breakdown of the early slap compared to the new one?

via USA Today

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