Tebow says he’s the best he’s ever been as a quarterback

Tim Tebow continues to try to get better.

Kim Klement

Tim Tebow finally has a job, although it’s probably not where he wants it to be.

Which is a shame, because while he’s getting ready to be an analyst for the SEC Network, he feels that his skills as a quarterback have reached a high point. How high?

"I feel like I’m the best that I’ve ever been as a quarterback right now, and I hope I get the opportunity to show that," Tim Tebow said to NFL.com.

Tebow still trains five days a week and is ready to go whenever an NFL team comes calling. In fact, his television contract contains an out clause in case a franchise shows interest in him as a player. Smart move on his part.

"Who knows what the next few months will hold?" Tebow said.

The quarterback should be a perfect fit at the SEC Network, given that he starred at Florida for four years and is one of the greatest players to ever play in the conference. But, will he be able to be an objective analyst?

"I have never had a hard time saying what I believe or standing up for something, and hopefully, I can continue to be that same person as an analyst and sharing what I believe about players, about teams, about games," he said.

Hey, at least Tebow has a job and who knows, maybe a team will come calling. It will be interesting to see how much better he actually is.