Steven Jackson to Falcons means two things

It’s official. Steven Jackson is a Falcon. Well, according to the Falcons Twitter account. That means two things.

The Packers, who were in talks with acquiring the veteran RB, screwed up. And the Falcons just became one of the best shows on turf.

Think about it.

Jackson, who wanted to play for a contender without having a reduced role, joins a crop of talent unlike any other in the league. As Tony Gonzalez announced his decision to opt out of retirement, the Falcons have experience and leadership as well elite talent and youth in the skill positions.

Quarterback Matt Ryan and offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter have plenty of weapons at their disposal and one is left to wonder how their potential will be maximized.

A lot of noise has been made out of the Pacific Northwest, but it could be the Falcons who are the scariest team in the NFC.

As for the Packers, April’s NFL Draft is stocked with above-average running back talent, but no one as polished as Jackson.

Big win for the Falcons.

Jackson even had a message for his esteemed fans in St. Louis.