NFL Loser Island is back! Let’s see who is going on vacation

Welcome to Loser Island.

Dariusz Lewandowski/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Well, the first weekend of the NFL playoffs is in the books. Four teams have moved on and will continue their journey to a potential Super Bowl berth.

However, four teams are heading home. Their season is done, and the only thing to do is join the other 20 teams currently on vacation. We here at like to think everyone convenes in one place for a little rest and relaxation at a place we affectionally call "Loser Island."

And it seems the party is just getting started. Make sure to grab one of whatever drink Jim Harbaugh is pouring at the bar. Could that be a nectarini? Only if we’re lucky! Pinkies out! The Cardinals’ trio of quarterbacks — Carson Palmer, Ryan Lindley and Drew Stanton — are already decked out in their finest vacation gear while their coach gets some reading done.

Ewww, looks like Andy Dalton needs to even out his tan. And it’s nice to see Ben Roethlisberger and Ndamukong Suh enjoy some watersports.

Don’t worry guys, there will be more people joining the party soon. Have fun!