Sit back and laugh at Broncos’ legendary screwup

Maybe you heard? The Broncos and defensive end Elvis Dumervil were in negotiations to decrease his salary so he could stay with the team. Sounds reasonable.

The deadline, 4:00 p.m. ET, approached and the sides finally came to an agreement. Only one problem: Dumervil didn’t FAX (ahh, technology) the papers over in time. Dumervil’s agent has reportedly placed the blame on the Broncos.

The mistake caused the Broncos to take a $4.7 million hit against the salary cap and Dumervil is now an unrestricted free agent.

Here’s the full story, but since we at Laces Out are such social butterflies, we’ll let some of the best tweets, GIFs and other funny stuff do the story telling:

Could the Broncos’ brass be putting an ‘Office Space’ type of beating on the company fax machine?

Seriously, who uses fax machines to get real business done these days?

Gotta imagine Elway is feeling like Dunder Mifflin favorite Michael Scott right about now.

John Clayton just about sums it up …

How ’bout that Denver fanbase? How you guys doin’?

NFL agent David Canter can’t even believe what went down.

Any chance at a rendezvous? Possibly.