Silent movie? Marshawn Lynch to star as himself in upcoming biopic

Marshawn Lynch is set to go Beast Mode on the silver screen.

Joe Camporeale/Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Will he have any dialogue?


Marshawn Lynch, the Seattle Seahawks running back famously known for his distaste for speaking to the media, will star in a movie about himself called "Family First."

The biopic is scheduled to be released later this year and will cover Beast Mode’s life from his childhood up until his recent Super Bowl win.

"Just trying something new," Lynch told the San Jose Mercury News.

Yeah, but playing himself in a movie? Is that the wisest move?

"I’m more than ready to play myself," he said. "I got the acting bug when I played a small role in ‘Matt’s Chance’ starring Gary Busey. I definitely want to expand my opportunities after football. I’ve also been on a couple TV shows, so I’m not nervous."

It’s true, he really was in a Gary Busey movie. Check it out:

"For me, it’s just about having some fun," Lynch said. "It’s just a fun experience. I also get to shine the light on the community and some of the things that we grew up doing and what we went through."

The film is expected to cover Lynch’s childhood in Oakland, Calif.

Good stuff. Well, if this film is anything like this plumbing commercial that Lynch did up in Washington, we’re all in for a real treat: