Senator compares Republicans to Jets QB situation

Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) seems to be one of the few politicians who does a decent job of keeping up with the world of professional sports. That’s not to say politicians need to follow sports closely, but many of them attempt to reference sports issues to connect with the people and wind up embarrassing themselves. For the most part, Reid seems to know his stuff.

When speaking to the Senate floor recently, Reid compared the Republican budget proposal to the New York Jets quarterback situation.

“Coach (Rex) Ryan — he’s got a problem,” Reid said. “He’s got three quarterbacks. (Mark) Sanchez, he’s got Tim Tebow, and he’s got a guy by the name of (Greg) McElroy. He can’t decide who their quarterback is going to be. That’s the same problem the Republicans are having. Romney’s gone, but he’s still in the background. Who is the quarterback, Mr. President? My friend talks about the trillions of dollars of debt. Mr. President, we just had an election. The people overwhelmingly know why we have this deficit.”

This is the same Senator Reid who gracefully broke out the “clown question, bro” reference shortly after Bryce Harper first said it. If you haven’t been following the debt crisis or the upcoming fiscal cliff, the reference likely makes no sense to you. But you should still be able to appreciate how big a reach a team like the Jets has.

For what it’s worth, Ryan has decided on a quarterback — at least for this weekend. It also would appear that Tebow is completely out of the mix between his injury and the lack of confidence the Jets coaches have shown in him this season. But we won’t nitpick. Anytime a politician makes a sports reference and avoids embarrassing his or herself like the mayor of Boston always seems to do, he or she deserves at least a silent applause.

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