Seahawks’ Lynch isn’t afraid to store chicken wings in his socks

Chicken wings are delicious. This is a fact and it is not in dispute.

Seattle Seahawks star running back Marshawn Lynch also loves a good wing. But he loves them so much, he’ll store them on his person for easy access. Where on his person? Well …

"At one point Lynch is delivered some chicken wings on the field and he stuffs a few extras in his socks. Yes, you read that right, for a few minutes this millionaire, Pro-Bowl running back was coaching football on a warm July afternoon with chicken wings in his socks, which he later removed and ate."

Wait, what? Yes, it’s true, according to a story currently on Marshawn was leading some youngsters in workouts at his Fam 1st Family Youth Football Camp in Oakland, Calif.

"He’s a comedian, man," said Ravens running back — and close Lynch friend — Justin Forsett. "He’s always joking. It’s very rare to see him serious at any moment unless he’s in front of a mic with the media wanting to talk to him. He’s just a fun-loving guy."

I guess keeping wings in your socks on a hot day is just as good as a warming drawer, amirite?

Keep doing what you do, Beast.