Panthers troll Seahawks fan Rainn Wilson with sick ‘Office’ burn

Hell hath no fury like the Carolina Panthers’ Twitter account.

The Seattle Seahawks have a good number of celebrity fans like Chris Pratt, Joel McHale and Rainn Wilson. The latter, star of the hit comedy series "The Office", took to Twitter on Saturday and unleashed this:

Ooooh, bad move. You can’t blame Wilson for being confident, as his team has given him plenty of reasons to be over the past few seasons, but the team has to follow through.

And they didn’t on Sunday as the Seahawks fell short to the Panthers 31-24 in an NFC Divsional Round playoff game. And the Panthers were waiting to get their trollish revenge.

I guarantee that whoever runs that account wrote that joke on Saturday night and just had it in the holster. But did Wilson respond to the poke? Nope, he took the high road:

That makes sense. Everyone hates the Patriots, right?