Richard Sherman pushed in face by Trent Williams

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has developed a reputation for being one of the biggest trash talkers in the league and, on Sunday, Trent Williams decided he’d had enough of Sherman’s nonsense.

Sherman and Williams encountered each other on the field following Seattle’s 24-14 win, leading to Sherman getting pushed in the face by the Redskins offensive lineman:

Sherman then waved the Redskins goodbye as he was leaving the field:

Sherman, in case you forgot, was the player who notably taunted Tom Brady after the Seahawks beat the Patriots earlier in the season. Two weeks later, he bragged about shutting down Calvin Johnson, who had 3 catches for 46 yards in Detroit’s win.

We don’t know who started their altercation, but we do know why Sherman would have had a reason to celebrate the win. On Friday, one Redskins player called him “a cheater.” Sherman and teammate Brandon Browner tested positive for Adderrall, but Sherman won his appeal and avoided a four-game suspension. Clearly he wanted to stick it to the Redskins with a win after hearing those comments.

UPDATE: Sherman said on Twitter that he received a text from Williams after the game.

“Received a very classy text from @TrentW71. Great player! This is an emotional game no ill will either way. Have a great Pro Bowl! Well deserved”

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