RG3 hit with fine for wearing the wrong kind of shirt

By Sid Saraf, FOXSports.com

Beware the strong arm and watchful eye of the NFL. Robert Griffin III has to cough up $10K for wearing an unauthorized shirt during pregame warmups on Monday, according to the Washington Post. You can see the offending shirt above.

That’s right, during pregame warmups … of a preseason game. Not the actual game itself. In case you didn’t know, the NFL players are not allowed to wear unauthorized apparel on game days when they are visible to the stadium and television audiences.

So, the “Operation Patience” shirt was definitely not authorized. Operation Patience is what RG3 calls the team’s plan to slowly ease him back into action. What’s more, this is the second apparel-based fine Griffin has drawn, as he was dinged last year for wearing adidas gear to a postgame press conference. This was a problem because Nike is the league’s official apparel maker.

Just ridiculous. Does the league also mandate that players use only NFL authorized toilet paper in the bathrooms? How far does this go? Do they get fined if guys refuse to use NFL authorized diapers on their babies? Those things chafe!

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