Ravens rookie opens his wallet for a bit of rookie hazing

Have you ever tried to order $100 worth of food from Chick-Fil-A? Ravens rookie fullback Kyle Juszczyk knows what you can get for that kind of money.

The Ravens, according to USA Today, have a tradition of making first-year players pay for meals before road games. Since the Ravens had to take a trip to Tampa for a preseason game against the Buccaneers, Juszczyk (pronounced “yous-check”) got stuck with the honors.

So, what did he have to get?

Six 12-piece grilled nuggets

12 12-piece chicken nuggets

Two 4-piece chicken strips

Four large fries

Nobody wanted any actual … you know, chicken? How about a sandwich? What’s with all the nuggets? Is this an elementary school cafeteria? (By the way, chicken nugget day was always one of my favorites.)

Did they get any sauce with that? Some BBQ? Maybe some ranch? How about some honey must? I digress …

Actually “Yous-Check” should be pretty happy with this. Paying $99 isn’t that bad. It’s not like he got stuck with a bill at Fogo de Chao. Now that’s gonna run you a few hundie … maybe more.