Ravens Activate Lewis: Comeback Player of the Year gets crowded

The award season in the NFL starts tonight with the announcement of Pro Bowl selections and debates will rage about who got snubbed and should have been a starter. These debates happen every year, but for the first time in history, the most anticipated award in the NFL will be Comeback Player of the Year. Should it be Adrian Peterson who is performing at a legendary level just months after suffering a violent knee injury? Or, should it go to Peyton Manning who is back to an elite level of play after missing an entire season with a neck injury that would end most careers? No one can say yet, but the race may have just gotten more crowded.

The Baltimore Ravens added Ray Lewis to the active roster today anticipating the future Hall of Famer will be ready to play in the playoffs. Lewis sustained a torn triceps muscle on October 14th. Today is December 26. 73 days have passed. Now I am not a physical therapist, but even I know it is not normal to recover from a major muscle tear in an amount of time that can be measured in days. Granted, Lewis intends to sit out again this week and the activation was more dictated by league rules than Lewis’ health, but any game action this season is astounding.

This particular comeback may not be eligible for the Comeback Player of the Year Award, but as the Peterson v. Manning debate rages on, feel free to stir the pot by throwing Lewis into the debate if he can help the Ravens win a few playoff games. All three comebacks are amazing. All three players are first ballot HOF. All three teams need these three stars. All three people might not be entirely human.