Press Coverage: Let’s call it the Trent Rule

We love the NFL here at Laces Out, but even we can’t get everything. Why don’t you sit back, kick your feet up and take a peek at what the World Wide Web has to offer on this day.

Links of the day

Trent Richardson says the new helmet rule should be named after him. Yeah, it should … that hit was sick. [Deadspin]

The NFL is letting talent evaluators know what kind of questions they’re allowed to ask prospects. How about “Do you like puppies?” [Yahoo]

Brian Urlacher is feeling the “nobody wants me” blues. [NFL]

Mike Florio says the NFL’s plan for performance based pay crosses the line. [PFT]

We’re a little over a month from the draft … here is the updated complete order. [PFT]

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Instagram of the day

DeSean Jackson has his passport and he’s ready to go on vacation and we’re totally jealous. Check out his account @jaccpot10.

Video of the day

Remember that Trent Richardson hit we mentioned earlier? Here it is!


1989 – Stefan Wisniewski, offensive lineman (Raiders)

1989 – J.J. Watt, defensive end (Texans)

1987 – David Reed, WR (Ravens)

1987 – D.J. Moore, defensive back (Bears)

1987 – D.J. Moore, defensive back (Bears)
1990 – Davin Meggett, running back (Colts)
1987 – Kaluka Maiava, linebacker (Raiders)
1985 – Korey Lichtensteiger, center, (Redskins)
1985 – Mike Jenkins, defensive back (Cowboys)
1988 – Chris Ivory running back (Saints)
1987 – Austin Howard, tackle (Jets)
1983 – Thomas Davis, linebacker (Panthers)
1989 – James Carpenter, offensive lineman (Seahawks)

On this day

Well, nothing of note happened on this day.