Plaxico Burress hosting a Super Bowl party … what could possibly go wrong?

The Super Bowl is about the parties almost as much as the focus on the game itself. Not only is there a week of fiestas leading up to the big game, but people often get together for viewing parties to watch the game. Even Plaxico Burress is getting in on the fun.

According to the photo seen above that was tweeted by Darren Rovell, Burress will be hosting a party in N. Miami Beach on Sunday. There’s no way that ends well, right?

Burress infamously shot himself in the leg inside a club in New York in 2008. The incident led to him being suspended by the New York Giants for the remainder of the season. He was charged for carrying a gun without a license and spent nearly two years in prison.

We hope the lounge with whom he has partnered for the party is not counting on him to sponsor it; Burress has a history of bouncing checks. Mix in that drinks will be two-for-one all night and that pitchers of beer can be bought for $6, and you’re looking at a potential recipe for disaster.

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