Mail-it-in Friday: Should Shady and Chip Kelly just make up already?

Relationships are complicated.

And I don’t just mean romantic relationships. Parent vs. child, Boss vs. employee, the whole nine yards. And speaking of yards, one seemingly damaged relationship popped up to the surface this week. And if you follow the NFL regularly, you’ve probably heard the epic saga of:

LeSean McCoy vs. Chip Kelly.

A soap opera if there ever was one. A short backstory: McCoy was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009. Everything was going fine as "Shady" built a reputation as arguably the best running back in the game. Things were going swimmingly until 2013, when Kelly was hired as the team’s new head coach. Two seasons later, Kelly traded McCoy to the Buffalo Bills for linebacker Kiko Alonso.

The problem? The Eagles never gave Shady a heads-up that he was traded. And a regret-filled Kelly admitted that the team did McCoy dirty in the deal, saying that he "should be pissed, rightly so."

Everyone caught up? Good. That would have been the end of it, except that the Bills and Eagles will clash in Philadelphia on Sunday. So … the question from persistent reporters had to be asked: Would McCoy and Kelly meet up before the game? Possibly shake hands, hmmm?

"Chip can’t shake (anything)," McCoy said this week. "He can’t call me. He can’t shake my hand. There’s nothing he can do with me. He can’t say (anything) to me. It’s as simple as that."

Well, then!

What say you? Should LeSean McCoy shake Chip Kelly’s hand on Sunday?



Why? Is it because Chip looks like he would have small hands? Because if so, I would agree with you. Small hands creep me out.


Interesting you said pros. I’m not sure I follow your logic though. We teach amateurs to shake hands and practice good sportsmanship, for the obvious reason that it teaches them to act right when they’re adults.

But according to you, once they’re adults, they should throw out everything they learned? Hmmm, actually now that I think about it, that sounds a lot like me. My parents taught me to say please, thank you and to never put my elbows on the table.

As my wife can attest, I slip when it comes to basic courtesy and my elbows are constantly shaking the table and knocking glasses over.


No way Jerry Springer is still on the air, right?

(Heads to wikipedia)

Oh, lord. Are you kidding me? The show is still going after almost 25 years?!! Hasn’t the country run out of rednecks and racists to mock?


That’s what a mature person with a good handle on his or her emotions would do. You won’t find anybody like that in this mailbag, starting right at the top.

Mr. Lemon,

See, Tyler? Told ya.


Don’t get me started on germs. This whole germaphobia nonsense was started by the big chemical companies to sell hand sanitizer. It’s complete nonsense!

Human beings managed to live and prosper for centuries without everyone having giant tubs of Purell in every room. Sure, there might have been the occasional plague and epidemic that would wipe out a million or two people every now and then, but we got it under control.

Basic hand-washing and sanitation will take care of everything. You can’t walk around frightened to touch a door handle because you’re afraid of the sniffles.

And never be afraid to shake someone’s hand. Unless you just witnessed them doing something very foul with it. And no, touching a door handle doesn’t count.


I agree with you, in the sense that obligatory handshakes are for the birds. I don’t like when head coaches come together at midfield after a game for that perfunctory greeting. It’s completely for the cameras.

One man is very happy, the other probably wants to wring the winner’s throat.

We should do away with it. If the players want to stick around and greet each other and make plans for later that night, fine. But the head coach, unless they’re friends, shouldn’t have to put on a lame show for everyone.


Hey …

As someone who can hold a grudge with the best of them, I respect your stance. But at some point, you have to get over it, right?

I get it, being a professional athlete and getting traded has to be a very surreal experience. You’re suddenly faced with having to pick up your entire life and move to new city at a moment’s notice. You gotta find a new place to live, set up your cable, get the electricity turned on, etc.

It’s a pain in the ass and it’s even worse if the team that’s trading you doesn’t have the common decency to give you a heads-up, or at least doesn’t let you find out via the media.

So, I understand LeSean’s stance. But that being said, at some point, you just come off as petty. Shady is with a team that has a great shot at the playoffs and he’s having a decent statistical season. Chip Kelly came out on Thursday and admitted that he dropped the ball with the trade.

So, maybe it’s time to let bygones be bygones, eh?

Or keep holding a grudge, if you must. Nothing keeps life spicier than good, old-fashioned rancor, amirite?


Haha, "butthurt". Always makes me laugh. One of my favorite words.


Leave it to Screech Diddy to always play the racist card. I’m sure he just loves Jerry Springer, too.

OK, it’s time to force you guys to make a choice.


The Bills and Eagles will settle things on the footbal field on Sunday. So, who are you rooting for? Make your choice!

There are those of you who say:

And then there are those who say:

Hmmm, seems like the Shady faction has the upper hand in this debate.

But there are also those people who answered like so:


I always love visual aids. I find I learn better that way.


There’s always one. Every single mailbag there’s someone who’s going to buck the system and try and invent an Option C. Shoo! Shoo! I’m asking the questions and giving out the possible answers. I won’t have freelancers trying to act like mavericks.

Cameroon man,


Trust me, bro. I’m right there with you. And I’m glad you have my back.